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Faculty of Agro-Business and Ecology

The leading Faculty of the University carries the educational programs of Bachelor’s degree program, Specialist degree program and Master’s degree program at full time an correspondence departments on the directions and specializations: Agronomy, Plant Protection, Agro Chemistry and Agro Soil Science, Agro Ecology.

To organize educational process 5 specialized chairs are organized at the faculty:

  • plant science,
  • soil management,
  • physiology, biotechnology of plant and feed production,
  • agro ecology and environment control.

Faculty of Bio-technology and Veterinary Medicine

The establishment and development of Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine

Faculty is the following: 1975 – Zooengineering Faculty; 1987 – Zooveterinary Faculty; 1999 – Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine Faculty.

The following educational programs of higher professional education are being realized at the Faculty now:

Bachelor’s Degree in: Zootechnology; Technology of milk and dairy products; Technology of meat and meat products, Specialist in Veterinary. Master’s Degree in: Zootechnology, Technology of milk and dairy products; Biotechnology; Technology of meat and meat products.

The academic process is performed by 8 chairs where doctors of sciences, Honored scientific figures of the RF, professors, Honored workers of Agriculture of the RF, Honored workers of Higher Education of the RF, candidates of sciences, associate professors work. The graduates of the Faculty are its main teaching staff.

The students have practical training at the best agricultural and industrial enterprises of the region, which are equipped with modern technological equipment. Every year the teachers and students of the Faculty have practical training and learning abroad (in Germany, France, Sweden, the USA and other countries) within the International educational programs.

There is the best regional veterinary medical-diagnostic center at the Faculty.

Faculty of Agricultural Machinery and Power Supply

The Faculty of Agricultural Machinery and Power Supply was opened in 1981. There was one specialty of “Mechanization of Agriculture”. Nowadays at the Faculty of Agricultural Machinery and Power Supply students are trained in four specialties: “Mechanization of Agriculture”, “Technology of Servicing and Repair of Machinery in the Agricultural Production Complex”, “Electric Power Supply and Automation of Agriculture”.

The faculty includes 8 chairs:

  • Exploitation of Machine and Tractor Park and Tractors
  • Mechanization of Technological Processes in Agro Industrial Complex
  • Reliability and Machine Maintenance
  • Electric Supply
  • Engineering Graphics and Mechanics
  • Thermo technics and Electro technics
  • Constructional Materials Technology and Technical Service Organization.

Faculty of Humanitarian and Natural Science Disciplines

 The Faculty of Humanitarian and Natural Science Disciplines was established in 2000. The humanitarian sciences are aimed at the humanization ideas to bring up highly educated specialists. The educational process at the Faculty is organized according to module-rate education method. The advantages of this method are the system approach to curriculum, its content, coordination of all kinds of the education process and effective current control for students’ knowledge. The scientific work is carried out on the actual problems of industry. Agro Industrial Complex, transport and ecological safety of modern Russia. The lecturers of the Faculty are involved into the scientific and research work with students. The result of the activity is the participation in different conferences, Olympiads between the educational establishments, games simulation and table disputes.

Institute of Professional Retraining and Staff Qualification Improvement

The Institute offers the educational services on the 60 programs of the additional professional training: from a worker occupation to the second education profession lines. Also it realizes personnel development and informational-consulting services. Staff qualification improvement is performed on the base of the urgent market educational programs. They are developed and targeted to a customer, taking into the consideration his requirements and wishes. The leading professors and senior lecturers of the University, enlisted teachers and leading scientist of Russian educational establishments and Scientific-Research Institutes, qualified specialists-practicing from enterprises are engaged in the educational process.

Faculty of Economics

 The Faculty of Economics was established in 1986 and works as a dynamically developed research educational complex. At faculty educational programs are realized in 4 economic fields: “Management”; “Accounting, Analysis and Auditing”; “Finance and Credit”; “World Economy”.

 The faculty carries the Bachelor’s degree program and the Master’s degree program in “Management” and “Economics”. Four Master programs are realized within the Master’s degree program. The Faculty of Economics includes 8 chairs: Economic Theory and Law; Organization of Business and Management in Agro Industrial Complex; Accountancy and Audit; Statistics and Economic Analysis of Enterprise Activity; Agrarian Economy; Finance and Credit; Information Technologies; World Economy and Foreign Languages. The Faculty has a modern material basis, which gives the opportunity to use innovation educational technologies, a laboratory of remote education. The training insurance company, training accounting department and training bank function at the faculty. Practical training of students is realized on the basis of the leading Agro Industrial Complex enterprises of the region and foreign firms.

Engineering Construction Institute

The Engineering Construction Institute of the Orel State Agrarian University is a Higher School Establishment that educates well-trained and highly qualified specialists of building profile of high and secondary level of educational chain. Engineering Construction Institute was established in February 2002. Today training is carried out in the following directions: “Industrial and Civil Construction”; “Expertise and Real Estate Management”; “Garden and Park Landscape Design”; “Construction”. Alumni of Engineering Construction Institute participate in development of the regional building complex, in realization of the program of housing construction in rural territories and all building industry.