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About University

Orel State Agrarian University is a large centre of agricultural education, science and culture in the central region of the non-black soil area of Russia.

Orel State Agricultural Institute was founded in 1975; in 1995 it received the status of Orel State Agricultural Academy which in 1999 has been transformed to the Orel State Agrarian University. In 2007 Orel State Agrarian University became the winner of the competitive selection of educational institutions of the higher education introducing innovative educational programs. The University is now the large, dynamically developing educational, research and cultural centre of the Central areas of the non-black soil area which includes 4 faculties and 2 institutes: Agro-business and Ecology, Bio-technology and Veterinary Medicine, Economic, Humanitarian and Natural-Science Disciplines, Agricultural Machinery and Power Supply, Engineering Building Institute and Institute of Professional Refreshing and Staff Qualification Improvement of the Agro Industrial Complex including 39 chairs; postgraduate study; the Scientific and Research part; Educational computer centre; library; Pre-University Courses; The International Educational centre of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia; Scientific-educational Exhibition Centre; Scientific Educational Production Centre  "Integration"; Multi profession oriented college.

Organizational and methodical work is based on the integration of education, scientific and production processes; this provides progress of continuous innovating educational system.

The time presents new challenges to agricultural production and puts up new requirements to training of personnel. The target of the Agrarian University is to educate not only an agronomist, an engineer, an accountant or some other specialists but also new technologies and market system.

Today the University realizes:

  • Educational programs of higher and secondary vocational education in 28 specialization and 11 directions of Bachelor’s degree program and Master’s degree program on the ground of modern information technologies;
  • The international educational program of the leading institutions abroad (such as Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia and other)
  • Perfection of skills in 26 specialties by means of postgraduate study;
  • Training and refresher training of the personnel in the specialties claimed by the economic complex;
  • Modern technologies of training, production, utilization of agricultural production, servicing and maintenance of machines;
  • Research programs based on the agricultural science problems;
  • Realization of grants in researches and training of the students, post-graduates and teachers in foreign educational establishments;
  • Combination of theoretical training and practical activity by means of scientific-production centre, laboratory and training farm.

The system of continuous professional education is created in the University. The integrated curricula with reduced educational period in the specializations are worked out.

The quality of education is a priority of the University. Today it has an effective well-regulated system of management in the field of specialist educational quality. The teaching process is based on modern information technology, aimed at cognitive intensification, increase of knowledge control efficiency. A far-reaching information communication system is built up, which provides distant mode of study, all-university systems: electronic document flow and information analytic system of the higher educational establishment management “Naumen University” function. Lecture halls and classrooms are fit with multimedia equipment and conference systems. Different videoconferences with Russian and foreign higher education establishments and All-Russian Scientific Research Institutes are organized, the events held at the University are regularly broadcasted online.

To improve the education process and its methodic supply the University holds exhibitions “Modern Educational Technologies in Agrarian Education” and scientific-methodic conferences.

The University works closely with business community John Deere, Agricultural Holding, LLC “Intertechnopark”, LLC “Technodom”, JSC “Rostselmash”, SGC “Znamenskoe”, JSC “The Company Unimilk” and others.

Industrial training of the students is performed on the best farms of the region and leading Scientific Research Institutes abroad. The Centre of graduate employment promotion is organized at Orel State Agrarian University. It has its own Web page on the employer vacant positions and a graduate data basis is made.

Testing and Development Centre performs profession oriented and educational computer testing.

A serious work aimed at developing an independent personality, forming business spirit and uncovering research talent, leadership practices. A number of business games: “Learn to study”, “The portrait of an ideal teacher and student”, “We remember and we won’t let it repeat”, different trainings and master-classes of communicative skills and personal growth were held at the University. Following the results of the held games the diplomas of the innovative project competition within the frame work of the International exhibition “Global education- education without borders” were obtained. The students and postgraduates of the Orel State Agrarian University takes an active part and win Olympiads and research and practice conferences and competitions of different levels. The Orel State Agrarian University has a medal or a diploma with excellence, 30% of the registered on the first course students are graduates of the special educational establishment, and 86% are rural school graduates.