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Information for International Students

Adress: 302019, c. Orel,  Generala Rodina Str., 69. Phone: +7 4862 43 41 33. E-mail: inter@orelsau.ru

In order to apply to the University it is necessary to send us the following documents:
1. Scanned copy of your international passport.
2. Scanned copy of your Certificate of Education.
3. Home address.
4. City, where it is most convenient for you to receive a visa at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country.
The application procedure includes the following stages:
1. After receiving the necessary documents, we will apply to the Federal Migration Service in Orel in order to get the invitation. In the meantime, we will send you a Study Contract for you to sign and send back to us.
2. You read, sign and send the original contract back by express post (DHL, Express) and a scanned copy by e-mail at: inter@orelsau.ru to International Relations Office (IRO) of the Orel State Agrarian University.
3. It takes about 30 days to obtain an invitation from the Federal Migration Service.
4. When the contract and invitations are ready, we send you the invitation and the admission letter after your having paid the tuition fee deposit.
5. You transfer the tuition fee deposit to the University account and we send you the original of the invitation.
6. You can find the general information about our University on our web-site: www.orelsau.ru, under the heading «Administration. International Relations Office».
7. Feel free to contact us if any questions arise at: inter@orelsau.ru, or by phone

+7 4862 43 41 33 +7 4862 76 21 77
We are glad to help you.
Looking forward to your application documents.

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According to the Russian Federation Government Regulation from January 24, 1992, orders of the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture from March 26, 1993 and orders of the rector of Orel Agricultural Institution (OrelAI) N.V. Parakhin from July 28, 1994 the International center for scientific and technical cooperation and personnel training of agrarian and industrial complex was opened in the structure of the Institute.

The international relations department was created to provide the main directions of the international activity of the University from the organizational and administrative point of view, and also to increase the effective usage of this activity results in educational, scientific and methodical work of the University.

Mission of the International Relations Department of Orel SAU is the construction of the internationally oriented university and integration into the international educational and scientific space through expansion of relations with the best foreign universities and the research organizations, and also through participation in the international educational and research projects.

Major objectives of the International Relations Department:

• Development of the international activity strategy.

• Coordination of activity of the University divisions on realization of the international programs and agreements.

• Interaction with foreign partners, the international organizations abroad and within the country, embassies of the foreign states concerning realization of international relations of the University.

• Organization, together with the Admission Committee, of admission and tutoring of foreign citizens according to the state educational standard.

• Organization of reception of foreign partners and delegations and facilities for departure abroad on business trip and on conditions of realization of the academic contacts by students, postgraduates and academic staff from the University.

• Providing passport and visa requirements and monitoring of compliance by foreign citizens of regulations and legislation of the Russian Federation.

     •  Engaging of the international investments into the University development.



Functions of the International Relations Department:

• Coordinates work of the University divisions on justification and scheduling of actions within the international educational and scientific and technical cooperation.

• Prepares and coordinates together with the relevant divisions drafts of contracts and agreements on the international cooperation.

• Gathers information, analyses and generalizes it on the results of cooperation with higher education institutions of foreign countries.

• Prepares analytical and reference materials about the international activity of the University and provide them to the management of the University and to the relevant superior authorities.

• Realizes registration of exit documents and carries out sending the students, postgraduates and academic staff of the University according the received invitations from foreign higher education institutions and the organizations for participation in work of the international conferences,  congresses, symposiums, seminars, lecturing and carrying out research.

• Supervises well-timed and high-quality registration and representation by lecturers, the University staff, postgraduates and students of the reporting, following the results of business trips abroad.

• Makes the elicitation and representation of the information about foreign experience of the high school received through the implementation of international relations to the management of the University and the interested divisions.

• Carries out reception of foreign representatives, coordinates according to the established procedure the opportunity, terms and reception programs at the University for foreign experts, delegations, the staff of consular services, postgraduates, trainees, students (on all types of tutoring).

• Exercises control over the implementation of reception programs for foreign representatives and well-timed representations of reports about the reception by chairs and other divisions of the University.

• Keeps account of the foreign citizens arriving to Orel SAU, and exercises monitoring on keeping of passport and visa requirements and regulations and the legislation of the Russian Federation by them.

• Carries out the correspondence with the foreign organizations in accordance with the established procedure.

• Conducts reception, considers statements and proposals of the staff, postgraduates and students of the University on the questions concerning the competence of the department.


The address: General Rodin Str., 69, Orel the University administration, international relations office (r. 300)

Phone/Fax: +7(4862) 43 41 33 E-mail: inter@orelsau.ru

International Programmes and Projects

Since 2007 Orel State Agrarian University has been taking part in the programme of European Commission Erasmus Mundus the IAMONET-RU project - the International academic mobile network with Russia.

The project is focused on realization of the following purposes:

-integration of OrelSAU into the international Common Education Space;

-increase of professional level of students, postgraduates and academic teaching staff;

-realization of the Bologna declaration principles;

-mutual recognition of credit transfer in Russia and abroad;

-creation of agrarian  universities network for the steady cooperation within other possible projects and the exchange of experience.

 Russian partners of the project:

- The Russian State Agricultural University named after K.A. Timiryazev

- The Moscow State Agro-engineering University named after V.P. Goryachkin

- Omsk State Agrarian University named after P.A. Stolypin

-  St. Petersburg State Agrarian University

- Samara State Agricultural Academy

- Novosibirsk State Agrarian University

- Orel State Agrarian University

- Buryat State Agricultural Academy named after V. R. Filippov

- Primorskaya State Agricultural Academy

- Stavropol State Agrarian University

-  Kuban State Agrarian University 


Partners in EU:

- University of Hohenheim (Stuttgart, Germany)

- University of Tübingen (Tübingen, Germany)

- Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Warsaw, Poland)

- Czech University of Life Sciences (Prague, Czech Republic)

- University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (Vienna, Austria)

- Swedish University of Agricultural Sciencies (Uppsala, Sweden)

- University of Udine (Udine, Italy)

- Wageningen University (Wageningen, Netherlands)


Within the IAMONET-RU project students, postgraduates and academic teaching staff of our University have an opportunity to be trained, teach and conduct researches in EU countries.


From 2010 to 2013 the OrelSAU participated in implementation of the collateral European RUDECO project “Vocational Training in Rural Development and Ecology”, Tempus program. The project has been funded with support from the European Commission.  The global aim of the project is the development of the vocational training system in the sphere of ecology and rural areas at different agrarian universities of Russia and Europe. The consortia of the project included 19 Russian participants and 10 European partners. The working group on the project from OrelSAU developed the module about eco-labeling and marketing of environmental and regional products from rural areas. Pilot training on the developed module was carried at the Orel SAU in June, 2012 with group of listeners from the government bodies, who are connected with   agriculture, ecology and development of rural territories. http://www.tempus-rudeco.ru/


Since November, 2011 the Orel SAU became the member of Visegrad Association of Universities. It is the union of agrarian and life sciences universities of Eastern Europe. Signing of the Memorandum of establishment the Association took place in the framework of the forum of Visegrad Association of universities in Nitra (Slovakia). The structure of Association included 24 higher education institutions from 11 countries of Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia. The research project "Sustainable Development of Agriculture in the Countries of Visegrad Region and the Cooperating States" financed both by the European Union and by Visegrad Fund became one of the first collateral projects within Association. The edition of the collateral international scientific magazine, monographs and manuals, the organization of the international symposiums, seminars, conferences and summer schools for masters and postgraduates are provided within the implementation of the project in 2012-2014. http://vua.uniag.sk/